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First, let's start with some basics:  What is it like to be a pedicab pilot?
The best part of being a driver is the versatility. Set your own schedule, be your own boss, and see your earnings grow with your experience and talent. Unlike traditional hourly jobs, there is no ceiling to your earning potential as a pedicab pilot. This allows you to work your own hours, events or even create your own programs. You become familiar or more familiar with downtown and its surrounding areas, learn the trade, and develop your endurance. Simply earn enough to cover the lease, and the rest of what you earn is yours!


  • valid driver's license (from any state)

  • healthy to handle physical challenges

  • 21 years of age

  • self-managing

  • conversational English

  • a polite demeanor with a calm regard for change

  • complete our training orientation


Pedicab pilots work as a community, cooperating to create a fun-filled experience while earning tips with a sense of satisfaction and fun. There is more to this job that we want you to consider prior to applying. So we put together a short primer on the basic aspects of the job. We suggest you take a few minutes to read up!



Before jumping on board with Brownsville Pedicab, we really want you to know the basics of what piloting a pedicab entails. It seems a lot of fun (because it truly is), but pedicabbing can also be challenging. 


You are your boss.

As a pilot (the fancy term for a driver), that means you rent the trike from Brownsville Pedicab but then run your business on the streets in your own fashion (within the rules and requirements of the Brownsville and Brownsville Pedicab policy, of course).  

One of the advantages of riding with Brownsville Pedicab is we fully train you to understand the basics and learn the techniques that make each driver a success.


There is definitely a need for muscle. 

Pedicabbing causes frequent laughter, but it is also hard work.  

Riding a trike is different from "fitness exercise." Most riders will tell you that pedicabbing is unlike any sort of pedal-powered riding they have ever done. Even experienced cyclists are surprised by the differences between riding three wheels versus two. Most adapt to the intensity of pedicab within one-two training sessions. Even the smaller folks manage to rock the trike pretty quickly! 


Big personality, big profits.

More than your body, pedicabbing relies on your personality. This is because while the execution of the job requires physical work, your earnings rely squarely on your social skill. Coming on board, try to keep in mind that it takes a little time to generate the knack for the sales portion of this job. 


Brownsville Pedicab is at your side.

We have occasional events for you to opt into, and we have an infrastructure to help you occasionally procure rides.

We will supply many simple tools to make you the best rider you can be. The rest will be up to you. One of the privileges of riding with us is we try to work with you every turn of the crank.


Key skills for the job.

Once out on the road, things can become unpredictable. We ride through downtown Brownsville, which is a terrain of surprising traffic: pedestrians, cars, carriers, other bikes. Things happen suddenly and fast, and while many rides can be calm, others can be nearly chaotic with change. 


Being ready for this challenge requires having key skills:

  • strong sense of humor

  • ability and willingness to work with others

  • improvising in changing conditions

  • staying calm in high-pressure scenarios

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